Affordable screening to minimize catastrophic health risk.

The ACT Examination is an affordable ($225), non-invasive, screening procedure that aids in detecting seemingly occult coronary artery atherosclerosis, carotid stenosis, and thyroid disorders, while they are still subclinical and treatable.

ThermEval's 'ACT Examination' is designed to appeal to the 76 million Baby Boomers coming of age starting in 2011. Positive examination findings create a bridge from Medicare's free preventative screenings to covered comprehensive screening procedures.

The procedure is straightforward, quick and easy to perform. Three digital images of the patient's face, neck and thyroid region are recorded with an infrared-sensitive camera and uploaded to ThermEval's image interpretation center, where they are evaluated using innovative computer software to reveal the presence and severity of the diseases. A comprehensive Report of Thermographic Findings is sent via email to the submitting practitioner within 72-hours of image submittal.

The ACT Examination is performed using a ThermEval Thermal Imaging System, or an equivalent system capable of delivering thermograms which clearly and accurately display the information required for detailed analysis. ThermEval's system assures high image quality, the ease of click-button operation, proprietary software, top quality hardware, and free training with certification for approximately half the price of other imaging systems.

Feel free to contact us for further information. Meanwhile, enjoy perusing our site and learning how you can be part of improving patient mortality while reducing extensive Medicare costs.

ACT – to be part of the solution.