Affordable, non-invasive screening for early signs of
Atherosclerosis of the Coronary Artery (Heart)
Carotid Artery Disease (Stroke)
Thyroid Dysfunction

You're planning for your life and you want to be in charge of your health, because the quality of your health controls your quality of life.

Many heart attacks, strokes, and thyroid-related disorders (the three leading causes of death for those 65 and older) can be avoided if their underlying diseases are detected and treated early enough.

If you're one of the 76-million Baby Boomers now reaching 65, you should be screened for early signs of these diseases. In 2011, Medicare established its free "Welcome to Medicare" primary screening that includes preventative educational support for new enrollees. While inarguably beneficial, the program places the financial burden of comprehensive secondary screening on patients who may be at risk, but are not classified at high risk of disease.

Physical screening examinations essential to a comprehensive risk assessment not covered by Medicare for symptom-free patients can cost more than $5,000.

The innovative ThermEval ACT Examination is an affordable ($225) screening procedure for detecting early signs suggesting atherosclerosis ("A"), carotid stenosis ("C"), and thyroid dysfunctions ("T").

The ThermEval ACT Examination is a fast, non-invasive and revealing imaging technique that aids in detecting symptoms of these diseases while they're still in the development stage and treatable. Patients with positive examination findings are referred for further diagnostic studies and treatment, if necessary.

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