Thermogram Interpretation & Reading Services

By their very nature, thermal images (thermograms) are difficult to analyze and interpret. Accurate and credible interpretations generally require a highly trained individual to perform the task. This obstacle is overcome by outsourcing thermogram interpretation requirements to specialized reading and interpretation services.

It is important to know that not all interpretation services are the same. Selecting a reading service is often a frustrating experience. It seems that each interpretation service has 'its way' of interpreting images and everyone else is 'doing it wrong,' or doing the 'old way,' etc.

There are multiple reasons TAS's thermogram interpretation service is the solution to the dilemma of choosing a reputable and qualified evaluation center.

TAS doesn't take shortcuts. Our breast thermography interpretation method is intelligent, thorough, and fully compliant with international standards. Atherosclerosis, Carotids, and Thyroid examinations are interpreted with strictly objective data for unrivaled credibility.

Delivery of a comprehensive image analysis and interpretation Findings Report is guaranteed within seventy-two hours and typically within twenty-four hours of acceptance of submitted images.

Training? There is no reason to spend $3,000 for a weekend training session to learn how to properly record an image. We critically coach clients through the process. There is no charge for basic training, and we issue certificates evidencing technical proficiency.

Equipment purchase is not required. TAS studies do not require expensive high-resolution cameras to achieve successful results. Conventional 256-level grayscale thermograms captured by all currently used medical grade infrared cameras are sufficient for analysis.

You're invited to go for a free test drive. The first two evaluations are on us. You'll be pleasantly impressed with the quality and thoroughness of our reports and service.

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