Integrated Thermography Systems & IR Cameras

TAS systems set high standards of performance at substantially lower cost than competitor systems.

Our systems combine a high-quality infrared camera and powerful laptop computer with powerful software to deliver excellent precision images and superior functionality in an affordable, easy-to-use appliance.

Only a few key presses and mouse clicks are required to record precision digital images clearly displaying the information required to perform a detailed analysis. A few more keys and mouse clicks sends the images and examination data to the TAS reading service for interpretation and reporting. Images may also be viewed and manipulated with the included software.

TAS's long-term success is dependent on interpretation services, not a one-time profit from the sale of equipment. TAS systems are offered at low prices with excellent optional financing to make a purchase easy, painless, and quickly profitable. Our intent is to induce practitioners to employ thermography in their practice and use TAS interpretation services.

TAS offers two systems, differentiated by the camera employed in each. Our cameras are produced by FLIR Systems, Inc., the world's premier manufacturer of infrared cameras.

Model 325 ($12,950) enjoys 320px X 240px resolution and a 60Hz frame rate. The high frame rate offers real-time, high-speed imaging.

Model 655 ($20,950) boasts ultra-sharp 640px X 480px resolution at a 50Hz frame rate. Its high resolution and functionality brings thermal imaging to a whole new level.

Each system includes a convertible tablet/laptop computer, image acquisition and manipulation software, and a direct software portal for uploading images to the TAS reading service for interpretation.

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